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I Be Knowing Where I'm Going
mixed media collages and sculpture by Nedra Williams
March 7 - 29, 2008


In her exhibition, I Be Knowing Where I'm Going, Nedra T. Williams presents one-of-a-kind shattered glass tiles; colorful mixed media collages and sculptures honoring the sacred feminine. Traveling the world – West Africa, Morocco, India, China, the Americas – Nedra describes being inspired by “the kaleidoscope of colors and images, memories of a woman’s face, a young person working, great monuments, and simple images of nature joined together.”

Williams’ mixed media collages integrate the history of her culture, and the aesthetic and spirituality of the African Diaspora. She uses a host of elements including decorative paper, fabric and objects from nature to create her work. Using similar materials, her sculptures reflect the body and spirit of woman in various passages of life. In her tiles, Nedra employs a multi-layered technique where sacred geometry is rendered as a basic background and the underlying symbols are illuminated by an overlay of shattered glass. Nedra’s work is reclamation of ancient symbols, which portray the rituals, and stories of collective remembrance.


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